Friday, November 30, 2007

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Monday, November 19, 2007

My word this week is "Reflections"

Happy Monday everybody. Woo Hoo I am packing and have something to confess. As I pack up my home it is becoming once more just a house. It feels like the soul of my home is being put into boxes ready to emerge somewhere else.
Right now as I sit in my living room, there are none of the bits and pieces that made my house my home. It feels good cos I am leaving a blank canvas for the new owners to put their stamp on. Only 6 more sleeps and the packers are in. There should not be too much for them to do. They have to pack my artwork move the furniture, move my clothes and not much else. This has been my easiest move in 40 years.

Funny thing is that the more I pack the more 'echoy' the house becomes. I feel it as I move through the house and especially if I am on the phone. It sounds empty LOL. well I guess it is!

This week I have a little pampering, nails and waxing on Thursday and hair cut on Friday. I am also having a little hair do on Tuesday 27th for my birthday which is now all organised. I am having drinks and snacks with 6 girlfriends at my local pub. We will, I am sure, behave very badly LOL. Hopefully will get a few pics to share with you.
Had a great weekend but I partied too much on Saturday and was wrecked on Sunday. All I wanted to do was sleep. Hee hee and I did.
I arrived early at the party on Saturday and was so pleased with this shot. I was sitting outside and took the shot through the window and managed to capture the reflection of the outside table and the backs of two of the chairs. The shot goes all the way down to the kitchen where my friends Richard, Jill and their daughter Rebecca are standing.

So here are my reflections:

Candles in brown paper bags never go out of fashion here in South Africa. They are so effective set in the garden!!! It was still light when I took this shot but already you can see the relection of leaves on the wall.

Here is a close up of the candle set in some sand at the bottom of the brown paper bag.

That's it from me for today
Thanks for visiting and love from Di XXX

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The word today is Away and SPS

Caz my DD walking away. Sorry this is a cheat!!!
My SP for today. Had fun dressing up in my fairy outfit!!! Sorry my wings have been clipped. LOL.
A Question...(again)
Now I wanted to ask again, is there any chance I could get to meet some of you when I am in England? Maybe we could meet somewhere where we all have to travel a bit. I know I cannot meet you all but it would be just so good to see some of you in real life. You have all become so special to me these past few months!!! Have a think about it. I will be based in Hertfordshire but am definately planning a day shopping in London. Could anyone get to London??? We could have tea and sandwiches and scones at my favourite restaurant in Harrods!!! And we could bring our cameras and take pics of each other.

Had this up yesterday as well and I may get to see Lynsey and Hazel Woo Hoo.

Thanks for visiting and love from Di XXX

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The word today is Collect and Miniature

Collect: To bring or gather objects together.

Although I am packing up there are still some of my treasured collections around the house. Yes some angels tha have avoided being packed cos they have just been bought LOL.

Miniature: A replica of something in a smaller scale.

Oh such an easy one my lovely lttle miniature stove

WOO HOO and Clink Clink everyone!!!
Have finally received confirmation that the house is SOLD!!! I am so excited and relieved I do not know what to do with myself. At last.
Thanks for all your lovely comments of encouragement and well wishes. You have been my lifeline for the past few weeks.
I move out on the 28th November which is less than two weeks away!
So today I can start cancelling things; electricity, water, alarm, pool doctor, telephone etc. I have a big list so will just work through it! It will not take long as it should be just a few phone calls. Can you tell how excited I am? Woo Hoo.
My dear friends at my local scrapping shop have said I can come craft there and use their equipment so that I can really pack the craft room.
The other decision I have to make is where to stay between the 28th November and the 10th December. I have had quite a few offers from very dear friends and family so it's decision time. Another friend has offered secure parking for my car while I am in England visiting my DD caz and darling son in law Stu.

I have just changed my ticket to Johannesburg which was scheduled for the 23rd November so now fly on the 30th November and return to Capetown on the 3rd December. So I will have a birthday with family in Johannesburg albeit a bit late.

WOO HOO girls!
Thanks for visiting and love from Di

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The word today is Snip

Snip: To cut quickly.

I can hardly get in my front gate will someone cut this QUICKLY!!!!

Oh I found this little weaver pottering about the garden the other day!

Just a short post for me today folks as I have lots of craft stuff to do over the next 2 weeks for IACW as well as packing up my crafty room and getting rid of a few bits and pieces. I find de-cluttering so therapetic and although I did this in April May of this year there is still some stuff in the house that I really do not need!!!
Update on the Packing:
So today I have to be ruthless with CLOTHES. I just have have too many and do not wear them all. There are so many people who need clothes I am sure I will find a worthy cause.
Update on the House:
I heard yesterday that the house sale is confirmed BUT have not seen the paperwork yet. I also want to see the SOLD sign outside of my house. Well guess I have to be patient just a little longer. The thought of leaving my home on the 28th of November and it is NOT sold is very scary. Oh well guess I have to be a big brave girl.
That's it for me for today
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Monday, November 12, 2007

The word today is Almost

Almost: Not quite or very nearly.

I have benn emptying kitchen cupboards in preparation for my move!!! So far I have emptied 4!!! Well ALMOST LOL.

Morning folks. Hope you all had a great weekend. Must admit mine was quiet and it was quiet on HS:MS. Well it's another Monday!
Update on the house:
Have to get cracking with the packing. 13 more sleeps and my movers come in (on the 26th November) to pack up my house. They will be doing all of the packing except my crafty room and my 'personal' stuff. My clothes are going in to portable wardrobes and will be unpacked at the other end Woo Hoo.
Update on IACW:
By the way I have a 'South African pinny' as my post today at IACW so have a visit if you have time. The other news over there is that we are launching an A to Z Art Journal project on the 5th January 2008. We have already had quite a few readers signing up! It should be a great project and will last the entire year. One letter of the alphabet every 2 weeks!!!

Here is a sneak peek at my pinny:

Update on ME: And woo hoo it's 14 sleeps to my real birthday (the 27th November). I will be in an empty house and have organised "Marvellous Maids" to do a spring clean of the house after all the furniture has gone. So I will be spending my birthday spring cleaning LOL. However have organised to party a bit in the evening with a few of my best girl friends.

It was so good to hear from Charli this weekend. I was worried about her (guess you were too)as she had gone AWOL. Welcome back Charli!!!

Thanks for visiting and love from Di XXX

Friday, November 9, 2007

SPS and SOS #12

Decided to combine SOS and SPS this weekend!!!
I have been busy sewing for IACW so can share with you today a sneak peak at our "Alternative Xmas Press Wrapping" post. All of my bags are made from calico and off cuts of 'Christmassy" fabric. They are 'rag bags' inspired by Trish's rag wreath.
So if you have a mo, get on over to IACW and see the other projects the girls came up with for today's post!
And can you believe it's another SPS!!!

Ok promised you my before and after pics so here goes.

This is BEFORE the haircut taken on Thursday:

LOL No, I am not practising ballet, I am just having a big happy stretch. And this is AFTER the haircut taken on Friday:

Definately a much funkier hair cut! Thanks Natalie!!!

Update on the house:
Well there is no confirmation yet that my house is officially sold, so I am biting the bullet and going ahead with moving my furniture on the 26th November. I cannot live in limbo any more. So that's that. I have to postone my trip to Johannesburg which was scheduled for the 23rd to 28th November to celebrate my BIG 60th birthday with my family. Not a problem I will just delay my birthday by a few days. Hee Hee I get to stay 59 a bit longer.
Update on my trip to England Well this is still planned for the 10th December. I am getting excited now and as you saw the other day starting to collect pressies for Caz, Stu and the children (Rebecca and Callum). Rebecca and Calum also live in England with their mum. They are not my real grandchildren but I think of them as grand kids. They call me Di and they are really good kids. Callum teases me and Rebecca loves to do crafty things. They adore spending time with their dad and Caz in the country so Ii do hope to see them at Christmas.
Update on our Just Giving Page:
If you would like to make a donation to our breast cancer awareness campaign, you can go to the link at the top of my blog. You have been so generous THANKS.
Update on IACW!!!
On Saturday we launched a GREAT project which will be starting in January and run for the whole year so get on over and check it out!

Thanks for visiting and LOVE from Di XXX

The word for today is Disturbed

Disturbed: A feeling you get when something unexpected happens. Can you find it through your lens?

Well it's not exactly unexpected is it but at last I am getting cracking with the packing amd my craft room is VERY disturbed.

Morning all, so sorry about that nasty bug from yesterday!!!
Off to the hairdresser this morning and think I will have a "sort of" crew cut; short and spiky. After that a quiet day, have a bit more sewing to do.
I have made a start at the packing well a teeny start actually. Packed two very small boxes. LOL
Thanks for visiting and love from Di XXX

Thursday, November 8, 2007

The word today is Anxious

"Whether the word anxious defines that you are worried or eager, try and capture this through your lens and your imagination."

I got home this morning from my early coffee date with Anne Marie and this poor little bug was lying belly up at the entrance to my computer room. It was very anxious cos it is still moving a teeny bit. I have now got to put it out of it's misery.... So I too am VERY anxious!!!

I am hoping that my kitchen door is being repaired / replaced today so hold thumbs! Am then going to take a 'before SP of me as I am having my hair cut tomorrow. Will share with you on SPS.

Have a great day folks

Thanks for visiting and love from Di XXX

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The word today is Confused

Confused: This is something we can be almost everyday. But can you capture confused through your lens?
What the heck!!! You bet I am confused. How on earth do you think I am going to get this little lot into my suitcase when I travel to Caz and Stu in December. AND I have only just started to collect the stuff. I guess I have to take an extra bag that I can dump in England. I so far have 2 oriental rugs, clothes, tablemats, books, scissors, tapestries and goodness knows what else. I WILL make a plan LOL.
LOL thought I would share with you today a few more pics of my home seeing as the "Favourite Spots" theme is finished.
This is my stove! And what a great stove it has been. OK it's not an AGA which is what I have always dreamed of having. But I can fit inside 4 roasting trays or 4 trays of biscuits. How cool is that?

And this is the cabinet in my dining room where I keep my beautiful crystal glasses and precious stuff. On the top are two lovely urns which I bought a few years back. They are shaped like ginger jars.

And here hidden away is the dreaded TV. I love that I can close the doors and it's gone. No, I do not have a modern flat screen; it's just a big fat Sony TV LOL. My home will be packed up soon and relocated to Johannesburg. What I try to remember is that it is the house I am selling NOT my home. Well I am lunching today with friend Little Di so have fun folks. I will!!! PS please don't forget our Just Giving Page over at IACW - we are now trying to double our target by the end of the year so we have a way to go!!! Thanks for visiting and love from Di XXX

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The word today is Excited

This week we are going to focus on emotions. We prompt you with one word and you translate it the best you can through your lens. Try hard as you can NOT to use a human face to reflect that emotion.

Sitting in my computer room and looking at me are these layouts ready to be filed away. BUT they do not want to be hidden away yet. Excited, You bet I am!!! IACW raised so much money thanks to you for breast cancer awareness, I scrapped my boobs TWICE and we had so many generous sponsors who gave great prizes. Forget SAD I prefer EXCITED....

Update on the house:
Still waiting to hear if the sale conditions have been met LOL. Oh well PATIENCE!!! But I have put some empty boxes into my crafty space so now have to get cracking with packing and labelling. Must make a start today. The problem is that I soon as I pack something I will want it!!! Maybe I'll delay the packing a bit at least until the 20th of November LOL..
Update on me:
Have a very EXCITING week planned for this week. Lunch with my friend "Little Di" on Wednesday, coffee with my friend Anne Marie on Thursday and the hairdresser on Friday! Woo Hoo Seeing 3 friends in one week. So who is my friend little Di? Well she is little and I am "BIG Di", cos she is about 4 foot 10 inches and I am nearly 5 foot two inches. Hee Hee. We have been friends for about 14 years and she works in our local pub the Royal Oak. I used to see her quite often but rarely go to the pub these days. Tomorrow (Wednesday) is her day off so we are lunching.

Life is just soooo EXCITING. Thanks for the prompt Kirsty and Anita.

Thanks for visiting and love from Di XXX

Monday, November 5, 2007

The word today is sad...

This week we are going to focus on emotions. We prompt you with one word and you translate it the best you can through your lens. Try hard as you can NOT to use a human face to reflect that emotion. For instance - Sad. A dying plant, a messy corner, mucky windows (we all have them at one point!).
Some of you may have seen my sad empty room before but here it is again.

This room looked so lovely before I emptied the furniture an all the lovely decor. Yes it makes me sad. i decorated this room for my mom who has gone. It is now bare and empty and very very sad.

Morning all and a happy Monday to you all.

I have an real easy peasy post today at IACW - christmas decoration or bunting for inside the home! Here is a sneak peak:

Hee Hee went to my old work this morning to spend a few hours helping with a tool that they will be using to match customer information, and it was great fun. I was really stimulated and felt that I added some value. That is real important to me.

This week I will be busy packing up my crafting stuff; well some of it! I am hoping to hear real soon if my house sale is actually going through so that I can get on with planning the end of November and beginning of December.

LOL I had a comment yesterday from my nephew Allie. I am doing my next parachute jump with him in about 8 years and he said he is going to help me down. Well how kind is that! Thanks Allie!!!

OH dear it's just a short boring post from me today folks!

Thanks for visiting and love from Di XXX

Sunday, November 4, 2007

SOS #11


Not a great shot of the sunset but a great memory of whale watching in Hermanus a few weeks back.

LOL my brother called me yesterday and said that my blog had been BORING for the last 2 days!!! Well I said to him that's cos I have been busy getting stuff ready for IACW next week.
He also reminded me that I am doing another parachute jump with my 10 almost 11 year nephew Allie when he is old enough. Well I think to myself, I can handle that!!! So within the next about 8 years I will jump again. LOL. I will be almost 70 by then!!!
Update on the House Sale:
My house sale is still a bit confused. I am planning to move out by the end of NOVEMBER, but there is still a "subject to clause" on the sale. However I have bitten the bullet and organised my removal company to pack me up on the 26th November. But that raises a tiny problem as I was due to fly to Johanesburg for my birthday on the 23rd November. No problem! I will make a plan.
I am also due to fly to London from CAPETOWN on the 10th December so may have to change that as well.
I have a "Moving House " journal and it contains everything I have to do. It's a BIG list and am a it frustrated cos I can't actuall start until I know for sure that the house is sold LOL.
One other fly in the ointment. I have applied for a copy of my marriage certificate so that DD Caz can get her British passport. This will probably only be ready at the end of November so I will stay in Cape Town till I have got that!!!
Hee Hee life is such fun.
That's it from me for today
Thanks for visiting and love as always from Di XXX

Saturday, November 3, 2007

SPS #11

And It's SPS yet again.

Woo Hoo I had my nails done yesterday and my lovely manicurist "treated" me to a little bling on my thumbs! Sorry about the wrinkly hands; it comes with old age, washing dishes without rubber gloves, too much sun and too little hand cream!!!


I have been tagged by the lovely Lynsey. Here are the rules: 1. Link to your tagger and post these rules. 2. Share 7 facts about yourself: some random, some weird. 3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them). 4. Let them know they've been tagged by leaving a comment at their blogs
Seven Random facts: 1. I have my nails done every 3 weeks (gel overlays) and waxing legs and eyebrows as well. And my hair is now cut every two weeks 2. I have presented papers at many international Data and Information Quality Management conferences - in Europe, England and the U.S. 3. The food I eat most often is chicken. 4. I have been married to two great men, but neither marriage worked. I wish I had tried harder!!!
5. I am totally impulsive but I prefer to think of it as SPONTANEOUS. 5. I have jumped from an aeroplane - with a parachute. LOL 6. I am a certified PADI scuba diver but have not dived for the past 20 years.
7. I am a compulsive scribbler. I go through journals at an amazing rate! Thank goodness cos I love to buy them and friends buy them for me.
I'm tagging:
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Friday, November 2, 2007

Favourite Spots

This is a bit of a cheat today. It's my pot garden at the side of the pool.
Hi folks. Just a short post from me today.
We had a great day yesterday at IACW to fnish our Boobs Extravaganza. There were lots of prizes and I was so happy that Charlene won my 10 pound donation. I made the payment this morning in her name! Guess that's you Charli!!!!
Off to have my nails done this morning, oh, eyebrow and leg wax as well. So it's a little pampering for me today.
Have been busy sewing this week so will have soome cool stuff to show you next weekend after I post on IACW!
Thanks for visiting and love from Di XXX

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Favourite Spots




Oh dear not much in this fridge LOL.

Morning all
Just a sneak peak of what we have over at IACW today. There will be prize draws all day! We have loads more prizes to dish out!!! Today is the end of our Boobs extravaganza and we are paying tribute to all of you and the victims of cancer. Thanks to you all we have now raised a whopping 440 pounds! Well done and THANKS!!!
You may remember my "in the pink" photograph, well I did this with it and have dedicated it to you!

Thanks for visiting and love from Di XXX