Friday, August 31, 2007

The word today is Chew

Chew: To bite and grind with the teeth.

LOL I have no idea if snails have teeth, but they are doing a great job of chewing my Clivia which are just beginning to bud!

Hi folks from Di in Cape Town. Well at last a bit of crafting! Made a card yesterday for my friend Linda, and managed to get some sewing done. Linda's birthday is today and she is a VERY gorgeous 61 year old!!! Here is a little peak at her very simple card.

The ribbon that you see lying on the counter is tied and used to close the card. The card has a sort of 3D feel to it!

A little update on my camera. Mmmmm, I am such a dope! I just had to press the 'disp' button and all the stuff re-appeared including the AF frame!!! Blush!!!

And woo hoo, it's a new month tomorrow so my internet quota starts again! I will then be able to visit the blogs I have missed over the past few days. Have a great weekend folks.

Thanks again for visiting and love from Di XXX

Thursday, August 30, 2007

The word today is Dish

Dish: A shallow bowl or radio antenna.

Really not pleased with this so will try to find something better!

Well if there is one thing I am sure of it's that I am persevering! The more I get to know the camera the less I know about it. I have now lost the "AF" little frame thing I just cannot see it!!! And does the manual have an index - alphabetic that is? Well NO! Really. How do you solve a problem except by pressing every button, then switching it off and starting all over? So am now feeling BLEAK or GLUM or SAD or GRrrrrrr.
Thanks again for visiting and love from Di XXX

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The word today is Cloud

Cloud: A mass of water vapour.
Thought this would be easy today but I saw no interesting clouds just solid grey! Think it will burn off as the sun warms. So, the sky is just solid grey here today and the only indication that there is cloud is that the sun is very blurry...
And this one I have no idea why it turned out like this. I did not touch the photo at all except to add the text. It looks like I converted it to black and white! But I definately did NOT! But when all else failed I got into the kitchen!!! This is all so new to me clouds are so far away and I have no idea what to do with the camera so here is just one last attempt taken later in the day....
Ok folks am practising this week my self portraits(SP). Have to get the setting right (have tried a few places inside and wellllll, they are ok, but nothing right yet. I either have have curtains and "art works" in the frame or something or other. Also practising with the zoomy thing. (That's, for me, the thing that I twiddle and it goes from 28 to 300.) Well it's such fun! much better than holding the camera up and pointing it at me. Having 10 seconds to get in front of the camera is a lot better than the two seconds I tried at first LOL. I actually think that it is easier than having another photographer take shots of me. I laugh and I leap about, and I discard shots MANY!!!
So here are my attempts from yesterday. This one taken outside and I thought this setting would be better, but it's a bit 'bright' and I am a bit dark LOL:

And this one inside which may be a good place but I'm still a bit dark!

The great thing is (as you can see) I am becoming totally relaxed in front of my camera so maybe I will also learn how to relax in front of someone else's camera!
Sorry I did not manage to get to all of your blogs yesterday, my internet quota for the month is fast running out. Not sure why LOL.
Got my mum's sewing machine out this morning and decided I had to give it a go. Well, eventually I manage to sew a row of stitches! It's really quite easy once you learn how to set the stitches, and when you read the manual. So now have some sewing to do. but that's another surprise. Oh well here's a sneak peak at the fabric I will be using: Thanks for visiting and love from Di XXX

The word today is Apple

Apple: A red or green fruit from a tree.

Boo Hoo, no apples at all except this photo taken in Hertfordshire wlilst I was on holiday. So apologies, a cheat from me today :(

But Woo hoo! Today is my 50th post on "My Space". Time flies when you are having fun, and having fun I truly am. Since I retired at the end of January 2007, my life was a tad empty for a few months. I missed working, seeing people and after I did the big de-clutter of my home, yes I was bored and lonely. Well now I am still alone, but not lonely. So many exciting things to do that fill my day. My "new camera" has become my new best friend and companion. I laugh much of the day, and enjoy seeing all my efforts with the camera. Yes, even the bad shots of which there are many.
So, said I was going to the hairdresser yesterday and I am soooo pleased. Natalie cut it really short, the gungy colour is almost gone and I am now naturally salt and pepper! And I LOVE IT!!!! Here I am, yes taken with the timer and the "new camera". (Hope I can improve before Saturday lol.)

I have got so fed up with continually highlighting and bleaching the hair and have been waiting desperately all year to eventually have all the colour cut out just to see what it would look like NATURAL. Well, guess what, I LIKE IT!!!! It feels good . Know what, I really am Happy in my Skin.

I look forward to visiting your blogs and am continually inspired to keep on practising.

Thanks for visiting and love from Di XXX

Monday, August 27, 2007

The word today is Sun

Sun: An object that gives light and warmth.
Well, the sun has has now gone this morning but it was out early and gave me light and therefor shadow!
Having great fun with my new camera and guess what I can now work the self timer thingy. All (tall order) I have to do now is get the focus and the composition right!!! The SPS thing is making me literally LOL, I am having such fun practising and guess what, have not dressed up yet or put on my normal 'FACE' LOL. Good thing about SPS and SOS is that we have a whole week to practice. Because I am quite new to photography I really do not have loads of photos, so finding one for SOS will be quite easy. Of course I may take some photos this week that I am REALLY proud of.

And just one shot from the "new camera" taken yesterday. It's one of the bird baths in my garden. Well actually it's mostly the reflection of one of the trees in my garden.

And one from this lovely sunny morning. No it does not classify as a self portrait was just playing with shadows.
Busy day for me today, (well not really) going to the hairdresser, shopping, and with a bit of luck, some scrapping. Speaking of which, I'd love you to pop into "It's a Creative World" and check out my normal Monday post. OK maybe I'll give you another sneak peak. It's about what I've created with some of my early layouts:

Oh, Oh, Oh, almost forgot, AND guess what again; I have a secret that I am about to tell. I have booked my ticket to the UK for December. I had some voyager miles so only had to pay the taxes. Will begin to count the sleeps when it gets just a tad closer.

Thanks for all your kind comments over the weekend, you really are a great, supportive, encouraging and very inspiring bunch of folk! I am blessed to have 'met' you all.

P.S. Would you mind if started to create links on my blog to some of your your blogs???

P.P.S. Finally, just some inspiration, from Andrew on one of my first posts on HS:MS "Looking forward to seeing your efforts, Diana. It's great that you are getting confident enough to share you photographs. Take lots and lots and lots and over time you will learn lots and lots and lots and be rewarded with some cracking shots." Thank you Andrew .

Thanks for visiting and love from Di XXX

Sunday, August 26, 2007

SOS #1

"you can post any photo (past or present) that you are particularly pleased with. It could be that you are pleased with the composition of the photo, a technical aspect, or it is just a moment that you are glad that you captured. "

This was taken using the timer on the "old camera" and my tripod. This was my last birthday (me on the right), and I like it cos it was a great evening with friends... And this one I am just proud of. You may have seen it before, but I just love them artichokes....

Woo Hoo, what great self portraits yesterday folks! You all look so gorgeous! I am really looking forward to Saturdays; not because I want to take shots of me LOL, but because it will give me some "focus" on improving my photographic skills and I will have to learn how to use the new camera. Have just been practising (OK I am still in my PJs) with the self timer and the tripod. Had such a laugh at myself leaping in front of the camera as I set it on 2 seconds (instead of 10) to get positioned!!!

Short post from me today. So firstly, if you have not entered your kiddies artwork into our competition at "It's a creative world" you still have a few more days. The prize is a 20 pounds voucher, and all entrants will receive a certificate.

And secondly, just a thought from me.
When I was in England last week I saw an advert for the Ormonde Street Hospital asking for 3 pounds per month donation. Now I know that we all do our own thing for charties but this seems such a worth while cause. And yes, I understand that government really should be paying. But 3 pounds is about 4 sheets of cardstock and even I can afford that.

When I first arrived in South Africa in 1962 the exchange rate was 2 SA Rand for 1 pound. It is now almost 15 SA Rand for 1 pound. So the donation would have cost me R6 but will now cost be R45!!! Thats about 7 sheets of cardstock. Guess all I have to do is find out how to make my donation.

Finally just a sneak peak at what I have in store tomorrow at "It's a creative world" He He. I'd love you to pop in and see my "normal" Monday post "Use your Stash":

Have a great Sunday folks and as always Love from Di XXX

Saturday, August 25, 2007

SPS #1

SPS week 1 - WOW what a challenge - still in my PJs and had to stand with the camera in front of me. Took about 40 pics before I got a half decent one!!! Well I don't expect to look better as the years go on but hopefully my self portrait skills will improve. Thanks for the challenge!!!
Woo Hoo it's the weekend!!!
Thought I would show you today my "sort of first pics" taken yesterday, with the new camera, this time my garden. At the moment I am just pointing and clicking (as I did with my 'old' camera) as I have not studied the manual yet LOL. I still need lots of practice as wll see.
(Have to remind you that Cape Town is in mid-winter, so mostly my garden is JUST GREEN. In a few weeks the clivia will be out and they are GLORIOUS. )

This is an old wheelbarrow and watering can, which in the spring and summer I fill with pots of colour!

And this is just some perspective on where yesterday's stone fits into my garden:

And I tried stone again with the 'new camera':
Anything I cannot use in the house goes into the garden or the garbage bin, so have used these pots in a small patch that needed some colour!!! They make excellent little birdbaths for the little birds.
The wisteria is bare letting in what little sun we may have onto my patio... In a month or two it will be covered in lilac coloured blooms and then just lots of fresh green leaves. The swimming pool is cold Brrrrr...
And lastly I found more stone in the garden... Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend everyone. Love from Di XXX

Friday, August 24, 2007

The word today is Stone

Stone: A hard solid mineral.

Some 'stone' from my garden, which looks very pretty with a largecandle inside. I love all the mossy stuff growing on it...

Hi all, from a wet Cape Town (well it is winter here after all!!!).
Firstly congratulations to Andrea (It's a Creative World design team) for being selected as a Design Team member for GoGoGreetings . Well done Andrea!!!

Wanted to show you some pics of my home today. Because I am selling the house I have removed a load of stuff and one or two of the shots are from before I got rid of some furniture! The shots are not great so please bear with me.

Sue asked yesterday about 'AUG' on the wall of my living room well L(AUGH)OL here it is:

Right down the end of my living room was my craft room. I have since moved it to a spare bedroom so that I could have the terracotta tiles professionally cleaned for the new owner.

And looking onto the patio and swimming pool (in the rain):

And I would be lost without my special carpets:

My 'old' crafty room now almost empty!: And my kitchen: note very little clutter LOL:

And a view of my 'dresser' where I keep special glasses and precious stuff:

And here is one of my spare bedrooms (was Caz's room) used as a guest bedrom, and now being used as my crafty room.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of 'My Space', my home has become very specal to me and I will be sad to leave when EVENTUALLY it is sold. Maybe I need the house doctor? Thanks for visiting and love from Di XXX

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The word today is White

White: The palest colour and sign of purity.
Hello from me, home safely in Cape Town. This is my serene and beautiful bedroom - all shades of white...

One more pic from the bounty of the allotment. Can you believe the size of these? They look more like marrows but they are courgettes. they tasted great as well.

And if you remember Caz's gorgeous giant sunflower, this is a dying (dead) sunflower, preparing it's seeds for next year and providing food for the birds...

Well... I said I had a secret and that I had done some shopping in duty free. So what you think I bought? Yes a new camera. Caz will tell you that I am impulsive and she recommended that my next step up should be a Fuji Finepix S5000. Well... I did look and this camera and then I saw another the Fuji Finepix S9600. So being the impulsive, spontaneous person that I am, I bought it and the bag and a 2 gig memory card and some spare batteries!!!
It is AWESOME and yes I took some pics just to practice and have started reading the mega manual. OK remember the camera is brand new so sitting waiting for my plane I had to try it out. Not good pics but hopefully I'll get better..

Then on the plane I tried it again...

And when I got home I tried again... Yes I have lots of work to do to find out how the camera works and what I can do with it. Will keep you posted on my progress...
Oh by the way Lin (Briar Patch) and Joshua, I have not been able to get to your blogs for a few days. Can you include me in your list of members? Have missed seeing your photos...

Thanks for visiting and love from Di XXX

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The word today is Friend

Friend: A person you know particularly well.

I have never 'cheated' before but today I do. This is a photograph taken by my niece Danni on the night before my DD Caz's wedding. We had such a great time all together at the Thistle hotel near Great Wymondley. From the back are Caz's two sisters Chloe and Nina. They live in Durban South Africa and are my two 'other daughters'. Then there is my beloved sister Linda, then me, then my dear friend and almost family Jeanie from Glasgow. Then there is the bride to be my lovely Caz. Yes, my best friends are my family....

We are wearing purple crinkly stuff on our heads. We created wigs and made such a mess of the hotel.

The two young girls Nina and Chloe had such a great time and in fact Nina said "you taught us how to party"! How cool is that from a 17 year old.

Am home in Cape Town in my lovely home and missing Caz and her DH. Think I will go back in December. I have some voyager miles waiting to be used. Well DH did say to come back in December LOL!!!

Thank you all for your wonderful comments. You are so encouraging to this going on 60 year old newbie photographer.

Oh I have a surprise which I will tell you about tomorrow. I did some shopping in duty free. LOL

Thanks for visiting and love from Di XX

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The word today is Wet

Wet: Covered or saturated with water.
LOL it is raining here! just had to walk ouside and EVERYTHING is covered woth water, now including me!!!
Morning all. Sad day for me as I leave CAZ and her DH and the lovely village to return home to Cape Town. I have had such a wonderful time. Caz and I have done loads together, chatted, laughed, shopped and also been really busy!!! It's hard living so far away from family... But enough of this glum mood, I was busy taking a few shots of 'real people' yesterday, and guess who I chose? Yes Caz. Here she is tending her tomatoes (grown from seed in the little greenhouse behind her!!!) in her 'kitchen garden'.

Oh and I discovered another tree in the garden. It's elderberry. Read an article yesterday (in Country Living) about using elderberries to dye fabric. Wish I was staying a bit longer so I could try it.

And fennel also grown from seed... And finally cosmos grown from seed... For someone who was NEVER a gardener she has done so well. I just cannot believe that she plants seeds! So many of us just go to the nursery and buy seedlings.
Just a reminder of our childrens art competition at "It's a creative world". The prize is a a 20 pound voucher from ELC!!!
Thanks for visiting and love from Di XXX P.S. May not be around tomorrow as I fly home tonight...