Friday, November 9, 2007

The word for today is Disturbed

Disturbed: A feeling you get when something unexpected happens. Can you find it through your lens?

Well it's not exactly unexpected is it but at last I am getting cracking with the packing amd my craft room is VERY disturbed.

Morning all, so sorry about that nasty bug from yesterday!!!
Off to the hairdresser this morning and think I will have a "sort of" crew cut; short and spiky. After that a quiet day, have a bit more sewing to do.
I have made a start at the packing well a teeny start actually. Packed two very small boxes. LOL
Thanks for visiting and love from Di XXX


Angela said...

Oh poor you. The sight of those packing boxes makes me both anxious and disturbed, lol!

Unknown said...

Good luck, last time I moved I wasn't a scrapbooker...or even a crafter..LOL Shudder to think how I would cope now.

Jenga said...

Definately would NOT like to pack up my scrap stash :o too scary LOL Look forward to seeing your new do tomorrow :D

Hazel said...

Great shot. It will all get done! Look forward to seeing the hair.