Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The word today is Snip

Snip: To cut quickly.

I can hardly get in my front gate will someone cut this QUICKLY!!!!

Oh I found this little weaver pottering about the garden the other day!

Just a short post for me today folks as I have lots of craft stuff to do over the next 2 weeks for IACW as well as packing up my crafty room and getting rid of a few bits and pieces. I find de-cluttering so therapetic and although I did this in April May of this year there is still some stuff in the house that I really do not need!!!
Update on the Packing:
So today I have to be ruthless with CLOTHES. I just have have too many and do not wear them all. There are so many people who need clothes I am sure I will find a worthy cause.
Update on the House:
I heard yesterday that the house sale is confirmed BUT have not seen the paperwork yet. I also want to see the SOLD sign outside of my house. Well guess I have to be patient just a little longer. The thought of leaving my home on the 28th of November and it is NOT sold is very scary. Oh well guess I have to be a big brave girl.
That's it for me for today
Thanks for visiting and love from Di XXX


All of my Todays said...

That definetly needs a trim and that bird is gorgeous, better looking and more exotic than the sparrows outside my window! Good luck with the house sale I hope it all goes smoothly for you. x

Angela said...

Lovely pics Diana, but I wouldn't mind squeezing past such tropical plants, so much nicer than the bare branches we have here now.

Hope you get that sold sign outside soon :-)

sharon said...

me too..would love scraping past that every day.x

Lynsey said...

Love your take!!

Louise said...

fab plant Di... better than squeezing past boring privet eh?

The Cook said...

Don't cut it Diana, it's gorgeous! The bird shot is lovely - wish we had more colour in our gardens at this time of year. x

Unknown said...

How cool to have birds like that in your garden. Hope the house sale goes through for you soon x

Marina said...

What a great plant, we had lots of lovely big plant like that in my parents garden when we lived in Kuwait. Good luck with house and the de-cluttering :~) xx

Bobs said...

Gosh that plant is grown as a houseplant over here! It's gorgeous.

Love the birdie too.

Hope that SOLD sign is on your house as soon as possible!

Unknown said...

not to jink it but congrats early. You will be fearless as always. you need to cut that big leaf.

Jenga said...

Love your shots :) Ruthless with clothes??? SHUDDER at the thought lol :D

Unknown said...

Lovely pics, and yes it looks like it need a little trim.

Charli said...

A fab pair of pics Di! Love the little birdy! And good on you for getting sorted with the house, wish I was as organised!

Hazel said...

Hope you get the confirmation on the sale soon. Love the photo of the bird.