Monday, November 19, 2007

My word this week is "Reflections"

Happy Monday everybody. Woo Hoo I am packing and have something to confess. As I pack up my home it is becoming once more just a house. It feels like the soul of my home is being put into boxes ready to emerge somewhere else.
Right now as I sit in my living room, there are none of the bits and pieces that made my house my home. It feels good cos I am leaving a blank canvas for the new owners to put their stamp on. Only 6 more sleeps and the packers are in. There should not be too much for them to do. They have to pack my artwork move the furniture, move my clothes and not much else. This has been my easiest move in 40 years.

Funny thing is that the more I pack the more 'echoy' the house becomes. I feel it as I move through the house and especially if I am on the phone. It sounds empty LOL. well I guess it is!

This week I have a little pampering, nails and waxing on Thursday and hair cut on Friday. I am also having a little hair do on Tuesday 27th for my birthday which is now all organised. I am having drinks and snacks with 6 girlfriends at my local pub. We will, I am sure, behave very badly LOL. Hopefully will get a few pics to share with you.
Had a great weekend but I partied too much on Saturday and was wrecked on Sunday. All I wanted to do was sleep. Hee hee and I did.
I arrived early at the party on Saturday and was so pleased with this shot. I was sitting outside and took the shot through the window and managed to capture the reflection of the outside table and the backs of two of the chairs. The shot goes all the way down to the kitchen where my friends Richard, Jill and their daughter Rebecca are standing.

So here are my reflections:

Candles in brown paper bags never go out of fashion here in South Africa. They are so effective set in the garden!!! It was still light when I took this shot but already you can see the relection of leaves on the wall.

Here is a close up of the candle set in some sand at the bottom of the brown paper bag.

That's it from me for today
Thanks for visiting and love from Di XXX


All of my Todays said...

Thinking of you hun. Hope the move goes OK. x

Hazel said...

Great photos here. Hope you've enjoyed your pampering and that things are going smoothly for the move - a house does become strange with all the packing up. Take care xxxx

Hazel said...

Dear Di, I meant to leave this message for a Happy Birthday yesterday, but events of the day took over. It's now 2.00 am and I can't sleep - and was thinking of you xxx

All of my Todays said...

Hi Di, Hope you had a great birthday and that the move is going well. Can't wait until your back on line and we get all your news - we're missing you. x