Saturday, September 29, 2007

SPS #6

SPS!!! And a close up of the crinkly wrinklies LOL!
And a catch up from yesterday!

Cushion: Soft furnishing to adorn a chair.

Another problem with my internet service provider so no post yesterday. I had withdrawal symptoms!!! Could not get to the internet at all so I was bleak.


Today IACW have a real treat for readers of "It's A Creative World". The very generous Papercrafts shop in Elgin, Scotland have kindly donated a selection of Bella rubber stamps to give away as a prize draw for anyone who leaves a comment on SATURDAY's POST post either on Saturday or Sunday. (The stamps are so beautiful!!!)

Just a reminder that October is "Breast Cancer Awareness" month. This is something that touches most of us, if not all of us, at some point in our lives. IACW are doing a charity "just giving page" for Breast Cancer Awareness month. We want to make you think about this one... through art. And then we want you to give.... And then think some more. IACW have interpreted this through scrapping and ATCs. This art awareness is linked to the "Just giving project", and there are sponsored prize draws for those who participate and give to the cause.

Monday is our big launch so get on over on MONDAY and see what we have done to launch the initiative!!! No sneak peaks but it's very exciting....

Great weekend everybody.

Thanks for visiting and love from Di XXX

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The word today is Stamp

Stamp: To make an impression. A small token that ensures carriage of mail. To make a noise with ones foot.
Hi folks from Di. Thanks you so much for all your lovely comments! I bit the bullet yesterday and bought an "adhoc internet data bundle", just 250 meg, to tide me over to the end of the month. Special thanks to Sue who offerred to email me the prompt so I could continue to at least take my photographs every day. You are real special!
Just wanted to tell you about my crystal jug and decanters. I have had them for almost 30 years, and they are used often. I hand wash them myself (no dish washers allowed for crystal), and you would be surprised just how sturdy and robust they are. Cheap glasses break. I have a few crystal glasses as well and have had them for MORE THAN 30 years. I use them almost every day. From an original 8 glasses I still have 7!!! So, if you have crystal, use it, it is really not fragile, and is so beautiful.
Thanks for visiting and love from Di XXX

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The word today is Jug

Jug: A container from which eases the pouring of liquid.

My very beautiful waterford crystal water jug! I would love to take my crystal to Caz in Decembeer but can maybe manage just one piece.

I had such a laugh yesterday at the comments about my schedule! Thought I would share my FRIDGE with you.

My memory is so poor!!! Last year I went to the doctor because I was terrified I was in the early stages of Alzheimer's. My doctor was not convinced and tried to reassure me, but I find that if I write down the appointments I have that I am continually reminded. So, my fridge holds little notes to myself. They are continually in my face and it does help. (My favourite fridge magnets are from Geneva and Amsterdam so they also adorn the front of my fridge. )

And can you believe what Margaret did yesterday? She picked 3 clivia from the garden, because, she said, she knows that I love flowers and they are so expensive to buy! How thoughtfull was that?

Update on the blanket:

150 squares completed! So I am more than half way after 10 days.

Update on the house:

My friend is visiing again on the weekend with her husband and family. It sounds like the house would be great for them So keep your fingers crossed. Thank you!

I cannot visit your blogs this week and am not sure if I can even play at HS:MS. I have about 50 MEG left which probably most of you could use in one day. :( :( :(

Thanks for visiting and love Di XXX.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The word today is Sponge

Sponge: A natural (often man made!) material to soak up liquids..

LOL there is nothing natural about this sponge! And what good is a sponge without something to do the cleaning up!

Hi folks from Di.

Update on the blanket:
Woo Hoo another 15 squares done!!! I had to buy another 3 balls of wool on Sunday. For some reason some wool has used up quicker than others. I guess some are slightly thicker than others although they are all double knitting LOL

Update on the House:
The friend who is considering renting the house is coming to visit today. I have drawn up a list of "pros" and "cons" and the "pros" have it. I think I can mitigate any risks of renting the house so I believe I have made an informed decision to go for it!!!

Update on me:
Having coffee tomorrow morning with a friend at 7.00am before she starts work! I always like to see Anne Marie, she is a great friend, makes me laugh and is so "together"
Hair cut on Friday.
The new positive me is also at last a bit more motivated!!! On Sunday I am going to a little place called "Darling" so see the "wild flowers". Apparently they are really great this year so I hope to take lots of photographs!!!
I am also determied to do some layouts this week.
Well, that's it from me today.
Thanks for visiting and love from Di XXX.

Monday, September 24, 2007

The word today is Dog

Dog: Man's best friend. Have you got a lil pooch in your space?

My wee dog Finlay (a Scottish terrier) immortalised in one of my tapestries. He and his sister Fiona were my great companions but are now gone.

Hi folks.
Update on the house sale:
I have an opportunity to RENT my house. Now I am not so keen on renting, but it is someone that I know. This would mean that I could pack up and move to Johannesburg, get a little income from the house, get on with my life and keep my investment. Will keep you informed on what trnspires.
Update on the blanket:
Another 15 squares completed!
And just about me:
I have been feeling a little UNINSPIRED lately. Can't seem to get on with scrapping and creating. I guess that's why I have put so much energy into the blanket LOL. I hardly need to think as I crochet, and the exciting part will be when I start to put the squares together.
We have some exciting new designers joining "It's a Creative World" so if you have time get on over and visit the blog. I have my normal Monday post today and it's REAL simple stuff! I put it together because every now and again the creative juices do dry up and the post describes one of my ways of getting them going again.
One more week and my internet quota increases to 2 GIG per month. Woo Hoo, cannot wait!!!

LOL how posh to have a "housekeeper". Most South Aficans would say they have a maid. I prefer to think of Margaret as my friend, companion and "housekeeper". She works for me 4 days per week and think I have told you before, has worked for me for 20 years. She knows and loves my family and is really part of the family. No, I do not need a maid 4 days per week, but I am doing my thing to create employment. Here she is:

Thanks for visiting and love from Di XXX

Saturday, September 22, 2007

SOS #5

And its SOS again.

The clivia in my garden are now in full bloom! My housekeeper "Margaret" normally picks one every week or so and puts it it in my little cranberry glass that sits in the entrance of my home. There are 3 pieces of red glassware and I like this shot because I caught the reflection of the the little venetian glass in the big vase.

Update on the blanket.

Woo Hoo I have finished 98 squares after 7 days so I am quite a bit ahead of schedule.

Thanks for visiting, thanks for all your lovely comments and love always from Di XXX

SPS #5

Hey don't you know that "Girls just wanna have fun..." And YES I LOVE SPS!!!

And this girl (ME) definately has fun but often in disguise. I need NEVER have a bad hair day ever again. Last year I indulged in a few WIGS. They are the VERY BEST THINGS I have ever bought. When I wear a wig I feel like a different person, with a different personality. OK so today, every girl deserves to be BLONDE!!!

Short, blonde, and sassy!!!

OK and the "other me", HEE HEE! Laugh out Loud girls it's real good for you.

Can't wait to visit your blogs - it's my weekend treat until the 1st October when my internet quota increases to 2 GIG per month.

Thanks for visiting and love from Di XXX

Friday, September 21, 2007

The word today is Stare

Stare: To look fixedly or vacantly at someone or something

Had to resort to me this morning!!!

Hello from Di determined to be more optimistic and put my house sale to the Universe. As you say there is nothing I can do about it except what I have done in presenting my home as best I can.
Woo Hoo tomorrow is Saturday so having limited my internet usage I can visit your blogs tomorrow.
Busy today preparing posts for Sunday and Monday at Its a Creative World. I do not like to wait to the last minute LOL. I also have two posts ready for October which is going to be a great month at IACW.
Going to practice my SPs today so that should get me back to my normal cheerful self. Look forward to seeing YOURS tomorrow.
Update on the blanket:
Still a little ahead of target. 68 done 220 to go That means I have almost done 25% of the blanket!!!
Thanks for visiting and love from Di XXX

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The word today is Break

Break : To seperate into pieces.

Well no kit kats, could not bear to photograph my breaking heart, but still found plenty of broken stuff this morning...

A broken paver...

A broken roof tile....

A broken coffee mug...

Thanks for understanding that I cannot visit your blogs on a daily basis during September!!!
With regard to my house sale, no news, no buyers, and no offers :( (hence the breaking heart.)
BUT Woo Hoo, my niece from Johannesburg, is coming to visit me in October and we are going to see the whales in Hermanus. That will definately lift my spirits. The whales are good for my soul, and I can sit and watch them and listen to them for hours. So roll on October.
Eyebrow wax today, another potential buyer coming to see the house and that is the extent of my hectic busy day LOL.

And I now have 55 squares completed only 233 to go !!!

Thanks for visiting and love from Di XXX

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The word today is Quirky

Quirky: Something characterised by the peculiar or unexpected

LOL my whole house is quirky!!! I love this bronze paper weight made for me and given to me by a dear friend, Marion.

Hi from Di in sunny Cape Town. Wow, the "hang" shots yesterday that I saw were all so diferent! I have said before that I like prompts like this as it really challenges us to go out and find something on the day.
My internet saga is now painfull so I really cannot visit your blogs until the weekend. I have upped m quota from the 1st October Woo Hoo. So please forgive me not visiting your blogs on a daily basis :(
My crochet blanket is progressing well. I started on Sunday and now have 40 squares so I am a little ahead of schedule. I have chosen 10 colours and 4 square designs / patterns / colour schemes so all the squares will be different! 288 UNIQUE squares.
248 to go and counting!
Thanks for visiting and love from Di XXX

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The word today is Hang

Hang: To suspend, be suspended or dangle.

LOL could not resist this, muslin drops hanging on the wash line.

This mask is hanging ouside my front door. It was given to me many years ago by Caz my DD.

And my almost empty garage is quite organised!!!
Hi all, its a real short post from me today. Thanks for all your lovely comments. You guys are really special to me!!! And thanks too for visiting "It's a creative World".

I have started to crochet a blanket thanks to Caz's challenge. Have to make 288 squares, so I have set a target of 10 squares per day. It should then be ready well before Christmas. Wish me luck!!!

Thanks for visiting and love always from Di XXX

Monday, September 17, 2007

The word today is Us

Us : you and me!

LOL this is my attempt at us today, a sketch of Caz, and me in real life!!!

Hi from Di. Hope you all had a great weekend. Thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog!
I know that most of you are YOUNG, and I am always amazed when I see your SP's. You all have such lovely SKIN. Well do me a favour and LOOK AFTER IT. I have lived in Africa for 45 years and my skin is sun damaged and wrinkly. (crinkly LOL) Believe me you will end up the same if you do not protect your skin. And yes a sun tan can look great but just think of the consequences!!

Please, go and visit "It's a Creative World" today to see my post and I would love you to leave me a comment!!!! It's something a bit different especially for those of you who THINK they CANNOT draw. Here is a sneak peak:

Just an update on young Olivia for those who did not see her comment on my blog yesterday. I was worried about her so left her and her mum messages on their blogs. It seems she has just been busy and should be back with us on Thursday.

Thanks for visting and love from Di XXX

Sunday, September 16, 2007

SOS #4


Have not really taken anything exciting this week but I was quite pleased with this one; part of my pot garden at the side of the swimming pool. The geraniums have been joyfull since March this year. The nasturtiums are just self seeded, and I continuously pull out loads LOL.

And I wanted to share this with you today. Taken at Caz's 30th birthday in January 2005 (after the party). I had BIG hair which I loved. It was normally permed but for Caz's birthday the hairdresser gave me big soft waves. These are the only shots I have from her birthday. Completely unplanned our outfits were very similar! I hope that you can see how she has my big smile !!! And yes she is TALLER than my 5 foot 2 inches...

And here she is my BEAUTIFUL daughter, and yes she is my princess. We bought the tiara for her birthday!!! I used to call her 'Saucers' because her eyes are big, bright and beautiful.

These shots are VERY special to me!

Hi folks. Loved all the SPs yesterday! Well done to all of us.

Thanks for visiting and love from Di XXX

Saturday, September 15, 2007

SPS #4

And it's SPS again!
You can see I am loving this! Every week it gets easier and hopefully eventually the shots will improve. Right now I am just relaxing in front of the camera and having fun! I suppose it helps that I live alone, so there is no-one watching me leap about! The tripod helps as well, as does the self timer.
OK I think you are entitled to have a laugh at my expense.
The other day I went to the local shopping centre planning to take a photograph of a 'sort of dressmakers dummy". Caz my DD wants one. So I took the shot but then realised I had the lens cap on! Now how daft is that. I wasn't actually looking I just took the shot. Well what I got was a BLACK photograph. LOL.
Thanks for visiting and love from me Di XXX

Friday, September 14, 2007

The word today is Tweezers

Tweezers: An instrument for picking up small objects.

I have 'fat fingers' . Well they are not really fat but they feel fat. So I love these tweezers. Without them I would have great difficulty working with all the lttle bits!!!
Hi all, from Di. And it's Friday again! Well My internet quota is going really badly so I have bitten the bullet and from the 1st of October I will have 2 gig per month instead of 1. That should be a lot better and I will be able to visit your blogs more frequently. Until then I still have to ration myself :(
Not much news today. Went to have my nails done yesterday so feeling very glam LOL. Thought I would just share one not very good shot with you. It's a very dreary sunrise in Africa.

But if you look very carefully at the top of the shot you will see Venus!!!

Thanks for visiting, have a great weekend and love always from Di XXX

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The word today is Curious

Curious: Eager to know or learn.

I have planned and postponed a trip to Tibet since 2001. It is my one dream to see the Potala Palace in Lhasa Tibet, visit the monasteries and stand at the top of the world. My other love is Cezanne. Yes the Dalai Lama and Cezanne both fill me with curiousity. I wll achieve my dream to visit Tibet bit will probably never see this Dalai Lama.

The wisteria is at last beginning to flower. Pity the sky was so blue this morning lol. Think I need to take a late afternoon shot, then you wil more clearly see the beautiful blue of the flowers. They are like bunches of pale grapes.

And what is this? Inspired by Caz in March I planted some parsley from seed and here it is. I planted it to take with me to my new home but guess I now better use it.

That's it from me

Thanks for visiting and love from Di XXX

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The word today is Kiss

Kiss: AKA: Pucker up, swap spit, snog, tonsil tickling (tee hee). A show of affection by means of mouth to mouth contact.

LOL this is me standing in front of a mirror, hair a mess sending a kiss to all of you! Mmmwwaaaahh . I did get the pucker bit, no spit swap and no mouth to mouth contact. (Did try kissing the mirror but that did not work very well!!!)

Hi folks and good morning from me myself Diana. Forgot to remind you yesterday to get on over to "It's a Creative World" where I did a post on knitting this easy peasy blanket! So if you have a moment get on over today.

Hairdresser today woo hoo! Then have a great layout to finish for IACW. Think you will really like it. But you have to wait until October and NO sneak peaks lol. We have some GREAT stuff planned for October and lots of spot prizes. Been thinking about printers since yesterday's prompt. Now I don't know how much printers cost where you are but I can get a really good printer copier scanner (like mine) for about R1200.00. Now that's about 75 pounds sterling. However, when the cartridges run out I have to pay about R400.00 for relacements. So what I do is buy a new printer about every 18 months (after 2 cartridge replacements). I then donate the old printer to a friend, a school or a charity. It just makes sense to me.

Thanks for visiting and love from Di XXX

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The word today is Print

Print: To produce in large quantities by mechanical process.

Something went wrong with my blogger last night and I could not upload any images. I lost the HTML and compose tabs and all the editing tabs. I created a new blog but that did not work either... Looked on blogger help and deleted all my temp internet pages and 'cookies' but nothing helped... I was BLEAK. Woo Hoo I do not know what I did but suddenly everything is back. OK I did revert to the classic template but cannot believe that fixed the problem, as I had the same problem on "Its a Creative World"!!!

Thanks for visiting and love from Di XXX

Monday, September 10, 2007

The word today is Cake

Cake: A soft, sweet food.

LOL, I do not eat cake so there is NEVER any in my home so went adventuring in search of CAKE and this is what I found! Sorry it's a little weak. Will try to find something better later in the day.

Morning folks hope you all had a great weekend. I really enjoyed seeing all the SPs and SO photographs! Was playing big time with the new camera this weekend and had such fun. This week I am planning a "photo shoot" with one of my friends. Now I have never done this before so it shoud be a laugh. She is going to "model" for me and I will be the "photographer". She will come to my house and we will take some shots in the garden, but some I plan to have her sitting inside and "posing". Now have to tell you about this friend; she is quite outrageous, very funny, and dresses a little of the wall. Well in fact she is off the wall!!! So be prepared to see my first attempts later this week.
A bit of pampering this week; hair cut on Wednesday, and nails on Thursday. Now that my hair is short it really needs to be cut every 2 weeks. Love having my nails done. I have gel overlays on my own nails (no extensions). They look so cool.

Hey, if you have a mo, get on over to "Its a Creative World" to see the progress Caz has made on her beautiful crochet blankets.

Thanks for visiting and love from Di XXX

Sunday, September 9, 2007

SOS #3

It's SOS again.
And what have I here but a very bad scan of a very old and precious photograph not even taken by me but it is of me. It was taken in 1948 when I was 5 months old. My dearest dad was always my strongest ally. He had absolute faith and confidence in me and even at 5 months thought I was "the wonder child"! Thank you dad.

This is what he wrote on the back!

I hope you will understand why this should be my show off pic.

And who would this be?

This is my dear friend and housekeeper Margaret who has been with me for 20 years. She works for me 4 days a week, looks after my home, house sits when I go on holiday to England, and generally is always there for me. She loves to have her photograph taken and when I bought her this dress (just cos I thought she would like it) we had to take her photograph! So this shot is special because she is special...

My house is on show again today, so I will be dashing about making sure that everything is in order. The house sale is going on so long, and yes, it does get me down a bit. I want to move and get on with my life but right now I feel in limbo. But no use worrying about things I can do nothing about. So, as I have to be out of the house between 2 and 5, I may go walking on the beach. That should cheer me up LOL.

Thanks for visiting and love from Di XXX

Saturday, September 8, 2007

SPS #3

And it's SPS again!!! And mine is inspired by all of you.

Trying to get a bit closer to the camera this week. Had lots of awful shots and this one I was reasonably pleased with. (Caught a bit of reflection on my glasses etc etc) I am having trouble being serious in front of the camera because I am forever leaping between the back of the camera and in front of it! The following is a discard taken earlier in the week LOL.

I am sorry that I have not been able to get to all of your blogs this week. I am really struggling with containing my internet access within my budget / quota of 1 gig per month, and getting to all of your blogs. 1 gig costs me about 75 pounds sterling per month right now. When I sell my house and move to my sister we will have ADSL and a bigger (and cheaper) internet quota.

It may be that I have to post every day but confine my visiting to the weekend. Last month was easier cos I ate up lots of my DD's internet quota LOL Sorry Caz and Stu.

Finally just a sneak peak at what I have planned for IACW next Saturday!

Great weekend all and thanks for visiting

Love from Di XXX

Friday, September 7, 2007

The word today is Talk

Talk: To converse or communicate
Oh dear very uninspiring from me this morning. "Tabletalk" is our community newspaper. (I live in "Tableview" CapeTown) (see below for why they call it Tableview).
Been to the city today to fetch Caz's birth certificate from the Department of Home Affairs. And then made copies of the birth certificate, got them certified, then all in the post to Caz. So that took me a few hours LOL. But woo hoo it's Friday so the WEEKEND LOL. So this is where I went! The city of CapeTown sits beneath Table Mountain and I live on the near side of the bay. This is not one of my shots, it is quite and old shot I think taken by Caz about 5 or 6 years ago.

Have a great weekend folks and thanks for visiting.

Love from Di XXX

Thursday, September 6, 2007

The word today is Feast

Feast: A large meal or a plentiful supply.

Sorry folks, you have to remember that I come from Africa, and for many many people THIS IS a feast. Every day I have people knocking at my door looking for food, money or jobs. I do what I can but cannot give to everyone. Things will get better as our black people are educated and get good jobs. Until then we live with poverty and hunger.
Hi all from Di

Thanks for your feedback on how you use digital imaging software. Sounds like we mostly use it to crop and add text. Perhaps I should have put this discussion on the forum! Having lots of fun with the camera experimenting. I have wanted to understand how I get some of the shot ain focus and some blurry so tried it! Here you are. The shot itself was not very interesting but I was really concerned with the effect.

I took this looking through my window and the "trellidoor". Will look for better subjects next! Great excitement over at IACW as we are planning ideas for next years. Looks like we will have LOTS of exciting things to keep us busy.

A little pampering today as I am going to have my eyebrows waxed and tinted. It is the very cheapest treat that I indulge in every 2 weeks! It costs me about R25 which is less than 2 pounds sterling! How's that for a bargain. I only takes about 10 minutes as well.

Thanks for visiting and love from Di XXX