Friday, November 9, 2007

SPS and SOS #12

Decided to combine SOS and SPS this weekend!!!
I have been busy sewing for IACW so can share with you today a sneak peak at our "Alternative Xmas Press Wrapping" post. All of my bags are made from calico and off cuts of 'Christmassy" fabric. They are 'rag bags' inspired by Trish's rag wreath.
So if you have a mo, get on over to IACW and see the other projects the girls came up with for today's post!
And can you believe it's another SPS!!!

Ok promised you my before and after pics so here goes.

This is BEFORE the haircut taken on Thursday:

LOL No, I am not practising ballet, I am just having a big happy stretch. And this is AFTER the haircut taken on Friday:

Definately a much funkier hair cut! Thanks Natalie!!!

Update on the house:
Well there is no confirmation yet that my house is officially sold, so I am biting the bullet and going ahead with moving my furniture on the 26th November. I cannot live in limbo any more. So that's that. I have to postone my trip to Johannesburg which was scheduled for the 23rd to 28th November to celebrate my BIG 60th birthday with my family. Not a problem I will just delay my birthday by a few days. Hee Hee I get to stay 59 a bit longer.
Update on my trip to England Well this is still planned for the 10th December. I am getting excited now and as you saw the other day starting to collect pressies for Caz, Stu and the children (Rebecca and Callum). Rebecca and Calum also live in England with their mum. They are not my real grandchildren but I think of them as grand kids. They call me Di and they are really good kids. Callum teases me and Rebecca loves to do crafty things. They adore spending time with their dad and Caz in the country so Ii do hope to see them at Christmas.
Update on our Just Giving Page:
If you would like to make a donation to our breast cancer awareness campaign, you can go to the link at the top of my blog. You have been so generous THANKS.
Update on IACW!!!
On Saturday we launched a GREAT project which will be starting in January and run for the whole year so get on over and check it out!

Thanks for visiting and LOVE from Di XXX


Jenga said...

You look great Di :) Off to see IACW....


All of my Todays said...

Love the new do Di it really suits you. Bet it drys really quick too. x

Unknown said...

I have been waiting for the picture of the new haircut for days nows. I LOVE IT!! Do not live in limbo, live in the positive. Have a good weekend!!

Hazel said...

It's a great haircut - really suits you. Lol! at staying 59 for a bit longer! Just had a look on IACW - what a great project!

Louise said...

your sps's always make me smile:)
funky haircut:)

Charli said...

Di - firstly, thank you so much for the donation on my behalf. It means so much - cancer has affected my family in a big way, my aunties, my nan, and more recently my ma. So i can honestly say that it was lovely to read your post that said I had won that!

Secondly - sorry for taking so long to get back on here and update! I will be getting back in the swing of things tomorrow - but I have been so busy lately, its been quite mad!

Thirdly, I love, as I always do, your SPS for today. You are a natural in front of the camera, and you look fantastic!

Looking forward to catching up with you again Di - and thank you once again!

PS sorry for the long post x

Gemma* said...

Hooray for the funky new haircut!

Anonymous said...

Love the hair, funky indeed! Liked the disturbed pic too, that takes me back to the last time we moved... good luck!

Unknown said...

Great new hair do Di, looks very trendy x

Marina said...

I love the rag bags will have to make something like that for god childrens christmas presents. Great hair cut. :~) xx

Lynsey said...

Love your new haircut and the bags look fab.